About MaltaDeals4U (MD4U)

We have been in the entrepreneurship sector for over 20 years. At present date, we have a website running in the UK which sells maltese products in Britain. Therefore, we are very much aware of what technology has to offer now a days and how much of a necessity this has become in our every day to day life.

In addition, we also run a restaurant in the heart of Malta. When we first heard of deal websites, we totally had no idea of how well this could do or how this would help us. But indeed, it did. Deal websites gave us the exposure we needed without the need to spend a dime. Thus, we know how effective deal websites are looking at it from the point of view of a business. Therefore, instead of investing all that money in advertising through the media, were one is restricted to a couple of seconds or a printed picture on a magazine, you will be giving the advertising money to the client directly, thus, having the client come in and check out what you really have to offer. This way the client will be viewing your advert and at the same time saving money!

This is what we attempt to do. We aim to use our years of experience to help out other businesses which need a boost in the worst months of the year. This way the client is enjoying from the vast amounts of discounts businesses have to offer us.

Our discounts range from 30%-90% OFF the Original Price.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer!