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Indian or Chinese 5 Course Set Menu @ 55% OFF

Incredible Asia serves you an exquisite oriental cuisine in a warm and modern ambience. We specialize in Chinese, Indian and Pakistani dishes.

Go for the Indian or Chinese Set Menu for the incredible price of 11.75/person and indulge in a 5 Course Meal.

Indian Set Menu: Chinese Set Menu:
Course 1: Course 1:
Papadoms and Dips Prawn Crackers
Course 2: Course 2:
Onion Bhaji (3 pcs) Spring Rolls (Vegetable) (4 pcs)
or or
Vegetable Samosa (2pcs) Fried Chicken Wings (2 pcs)
Course 3: Course 3:
Choose one of the following dishes below Choose one of the following dishes below
Vindaloo Chicken (Very Spicy)
Vindaloo Beef (Very Spicy)
Korma Kashmiri (Non-Spicy)
Chicken Curry (Mild)
Chicken Tikka Masala (Medium Spicy)
Chicken Korma Kashmiri (Non-Spicy)
Chicken Madras (Very Spicy)
Chicken Jalfrezi (Spicy)
Chicken Mughlai (Very lightly Spiced)
Butter Chicken (Medium Spicy)
Fish Masala (Medium Spicy)
Palak Paneer (Medium Spicy)
Jeera Aloo (Medium Spicy)
Tadka Daal (Medium Spicy)
Vegetable Jhalfrezi (Spicy)

Lemon Chicken/Orange
Sweet & Sour Chicken
Chicken Thai Red Curry in koko's sauce
Chicken with vegetable
Chilli Chicken (Spicy)
Beef thai red curry in koko's sauce
Beef with oyster sauce
Vegetable in soya sauce

Course 4: Course 4:
Choice of Rice or Indian Bread Choice of Rice or Noodles
Steamed Basmati Rice Steamed Rice
or or
Jeera Rice Egg fried rice
or or
Mushroom Pulao Vegetable fried noodles
or or
Naan Egg friend Noodles
Butter Naan  
Garlic Naan  
Course 5: Course 5:
Dessert Dessert
Fried banana with honey Pineapple toffee
or or
Mango Cream Fried banana with honey


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Pay €1.00 per person online and €10.75 when dining at Incredible Asia

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